Power crusher - PC

The separately hydraulically adjustable pre and post crushing in combination with outstanding crush geometry and continuously variable speed adjustment of the rotor ensures maximum throughput, a low proportion of oversized grain and a perfect cubic final product.

With compact dimensions and well-considered attachments, Locoproject supplies impact crushers with unbeatable performance for your most demanding tasks.

Technical parameters

TypePC - 30PC - 35PC - 50PC - 75
Throughput300 t/h350 t/h420 t/h600 t/h
Inlet opening1040 x 705 mm1250 x 705 mm1260 x 1060 mm1560 x 1020 mm
Power unitCAT C7 186 kWCAT C9 261 kWCAT C13 328 kWCAT C15 403 kW
Crawler chassis
Chain width400 mm400 mm450 mm600 mm
Feed hopper
Length x width3350 x 2350 mm3350 x 2350 mm3670 x 2690 mm4400 x 2840 mm
Volume3,5 m³4,0 m³7,0 m³8,0 m³
Feeding height3215 mm3215 mm3600 mm3830 mm
Vibrating feeder
Length x width3400 x 1010 mm3400 x 1240 mm3310 x 1240 mm3610 x 1510 mm
Pre-screening length920 mm920 mm--
2-deck screen (Grizzly)
Length x width--1800 x 1240 mm2275 x 1510 mm
Main discharge conveyor
Width1000 mm1200 mm1200 mm1500 mm
Discharge height3400 mm3400 mm3475 mm4175 mm
Transport dimensions
Length x width x height11950 x 2550 x 3215 mm11950 x 2550 x 3215 mm13420 x 2980 x 3600 mm16500 x 3285 x 3830 mm
Weight27,8 t32,1 t47,8 t70,1 t

Additional equipment

TypePC - 30PC - 35PC - 50PC - 75
Screen box
Screen surface1500 x 2800 mm1500 x 2800 mm1500 x 2800 mm-
Main conveyor width1300 mm1300 mm1300 mm-
Discharge height3000 mm3000 mm3000 mm-
Length x width x height5600 x 2500 x 2250 mm5600 x 2500 x 2250 mm5600 x 2500 x 2250 mm-
Weight2,6 t2,6 t2,6 t-
Return | stockpile conveyor
Discharge height3610 mm3610 mm4210 mm-
Length x width x height9040 x 400 x 750 mm9040 x 400 x 750 mm10950 x 400 x 750 mm-
Weight0,64 t0,64 t0,75 t-
Side discharge conveyor
Width650 mm650 mm800 mm1000 mm
Discharge height2770 mm2770 mm2790 mm2365 mm
Weight0,75 t0,75 t0,82 t0,89 t
Magnetic separator
Conveyor width750 mm750 mm750 mm900 mm
Weight | field strength - standard1,0 t | 435 Gs1,0 t | 435 Gs1,2 t | 450 Gs1,5 t | 540 Gs
Weight | field strength - amplified1,5 t | 575 Gs1,5 t | 575 Gs1,8 t | 595 Gs2,2 t | 710 Gs
Magnetic separator
Length x width3630 x 3400 mm3630 x 3400 mm--
Total volume5,5 m³6,0 m³--
Feeding height rear | lateral3500 | 3750 mm3500 | 3750 mm--
Weight0,6 t0,6 t--


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