Electric accumulator locomotives - AL

Locomotives AL are driven by two asynchronous electric motors with independent cooling and with speed regulation by frequency converter that guarantees both steady drive and braking.

Braking is managed by two independent braking systems for both axles, electrodynamic brake – by electro motors and mechanical double circuit brake – directly on running wheels.

Locomotives have a lockable cabin with view and steering in both directions.

Electric accumulator mine locomotives AL are designed for the horizontal rail track haulage and for dusty environment with explosion hazard of coal and natural gas which are certified according to ATEX.

These locomotives can operate at route incline up to 35‰ (2°), in wet environment and temperature from -10 to +35°C.

Construction of the locomotives for underground use is in accordance with EN 1710.

TypeAL - 04AL - 06AL - 10AL - 14AL - 18
Maximum pull (kN)1015253545
Electromotorsthree phase asynchronous
Power (kW)2 x 122 x 152 x 222 x 302 x 45
Speed controlspeed charger
Weight (t)46101418
Gauge (mm)600-1000600-1200600-1200600-1200600-1200
Minimum curve radius1012151520
Axles / propelled2/22/22/22/22/2
Maximum speed (km/h)1818182020
Cabin height (mm)1600-18001600-18001600-18001600-18001600-1800
Width (mm)1100-13001100-13001100-13001100-13001100-1300
Lenght total (mm)3200-47003500-49005000-55005000-55005000-5500
Headroom over rail (mm)80100100100120

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