Diesel engine locomotives - DL

The mine – haulage locomotive DL is a prime mover the horizontal rail track haulage in mines with occurrence of coal dust and natural gas in the ambient air and a gradient up to 35‰ (2°).

Such a locomotive consist of three parts: two cabins and the center part containing the combustion engine with the hydrostatic transmission.

The cabins are removable during the transport of the locomotive to underground.

The driving unit is a four – strokes diesel engine with water cooling.

The power transmission from the engine to the axles of travel wheels is done through the hydraulic system Rexroth with the automated power control using the interconnected gear boxes on the axles.

The increased operation safety is assured by the monitoring system for temperature, pressures, water level, filter contamination, presence of natural gas ant methane (CH₄) in the ambient air and in case of exceeded permissible values, it stops the engine with the indication of grounds at the gauge board.

TypeDL - 04DL1 - 04DL - 06DL1 - 06DL - 08DL1 - 08
Maximum pull (kN)101015152020
Output (kW)26,126,142,542,550,650,6
Engine typeKubotaYanmar
Gauge (mm)600-1067600-1067600-1067600-1067600-1067600-1067
Maximum speed (km/h)181818181818
No. of cabins212121
Width (mm)950-1350950-1350950-1350950-1350950-1350950-1350
Lenght (mm)4600-51002700-42004700-52002900-44004800-53003100-4600
Height (mm)1500-16501500-16501500-16501500-16501500-16501500-1650
Weight (t)446688
Headroom over rail (mm)80808080100100
TypeDL - 10DL - 12DL - 14DL - 16DL - 18
Maximum pull (kN)2530354045
Output (kW)50,661,79696127
Engine typeYanmarDeutz
Gauge (mm)600-1067600-1067600-1200600-1200600-1200
Maximum speed (km/h)1818181818
No. of cabins22222
Width (mm)950-1350950-13501000-13501000-13501000-1350
Lenght (mm)4900-53005000-54005100-55005300-57005400-6000
Height (mm)1500-16501500-17001500-17001500-17001500-1700
Weight (t)1012141618
Headroom over rail (mm)100120120120120

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